Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Martin Whitmarsh pleased with Lewis Hamilton

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McLaren team main Martin Whitmarsh believes Lewis Hamilton reply his detractor with Sunday's British Grand Prix presentation. Whitmarsh, though, now sense it is time for the team to do similarly in the wake of a below-par display by their own high principles. Hamilton untrue a sterling drive, one that oppose the negative commentary about his driving style in the build-up to the race, final fourth in a car nowhere near as quick as Ferrari or Red Bull after initial 10th.

In particular, McLaren misjudged the early circumstances and the 26-year-old's astral start as he was forced to enter fuel-saving mode 15 laps from home.In hard circumstances Lewis drove a great race, said Whitmarsh.He has to be pat on the back for regulation and control to race a car in which he had to back off, to save fuel, to shore.

It sounds simple, but your tyres and brakes cool off, the equilibrium alter and it is much harder to drive a car when it's not on the sweet spot, but he did a great job.I think it was a drive in response to the critics, just keep away from the podium in a car that wasn't the quickest.It would have been very easy, under the circumstances, to have become aggravated, to have not saved the necessary fuel, to have lost focus and balance when in effect you have to let drivers past.

As for McLaren, their blunder with Hamilton's fuel was compounded by one of Jenson Button's pit crew who lost a wheel nut at his final stop. It resulted in Button being allowable to leave with no his right wheel resolutely in place, with the 31-year-old forced to pull over within backyard of location off as it begin to work loose.

When you throw in McLaren's troubles in adapt to the change to the diffuser system, it was primarily a weekend to forget. Whitmarsh know his team has to raise their game, adding:It is accepted and recognized there is more pressure on a team like McLaren than the preponderance of the teams in this enclosure.


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