Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fernando Roig: Modify or La Liga will die

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Villarreal president Fernando Roig calls for alter to end the two-horse race in the La Liga before the it 'kills Spanish football'. Fernando comments come in the wake of the aperture La Liga weekend which saw his side, fourth-place finishers in the La Liga last season, lose to Barcelona 5-0 and Real Madrid triumph 6-0 over Real Zaragoza.
Since 2004, Barcelona and Real Madrid have ended either champions or runners-up in La Liga, with the exception of 2008 when Villarreal ousted Barcelona to take second. The 'big two' of Spanish football's dominance extends to the financial side of club football. Both teams have had the luxury of splashing out for big names while other La Liga teams are advertising players to money their debts.
This has led to a disparity in talent that Fernando believes is damaging for Spanish football. Speaking after the 5-0 loss, he said:This is the league you want. I sell players to equilibrium budgets but others ask for credit and get it,If you want the league to have only two matches, then there will only be two matches, but this is not good for football. I give it three to four years. Either this change or we kill Spanish football.
We had offers for Rossi and Nilmar, but their departures would have damaged the team. The economical differences lead to this.Still, Fernando stated that Barcelona deserved their Monday night win over his club, saying: They played superbly and we had a very bad match; one of the worst [ever].


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