Friday, November 11, 2011

Fernando Alonso: One trophy still missing

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Ferrari Formula One driver Fernando Alonso will not be short of incentive for Sunday's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. With Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel already claiming the 2011 Drivers' contest, you might anticipate Alonso to take his foot off the pedal a bit as another draining Formula One season begins to wind down, but that is just not the case.
The 30-year-old Spaniard has seen it all in his career, winning two titles along the way as well as lock down 72 podium finish, but the Yas Marina circuit remains a track Alonso has yet to get the better of.
Once again I will be target the podium,he told journalists at the Scuderia Ferrari hospitality unit in Abu Dhabi on Thursday.I have 72 podiums so far, which means 72 trophies at home, which is not bad. They come from all the circuits on the calendar apart from Abu Dhabi. So there is only one trophy missing at home and I hope that this year I can add the one from Abu Dhabi.
He added that Ferrari will continue to use the Friday practice as a test argument aimed at humanizing the car for next year.More significant than evaluate new components is the work of checking the relationship between what we see on the race track with what we see from the wind tunnel,he said.
This means we can work with confidence through December and January, knowing that all the data we have in the tunnel is real. We need to get the most out of ourselves this winter and arrive in March with the best Ferrari possible.
It is much more significant to learn for the new car: better to get half a tenth of a second for next year than to be second in this Drivers' championship. But I can see how hard the engineers and technicalities are working to get me to second place, with the whole team being really provoked, so for them I will be trying my best this weekend.The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is currently the 18th and penultimate round of the Formula One World Championship.
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