Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo calls for rule changes

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Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has again voiced his unhappiness with the current regulations and testing rules as well as the limit of two cars per team. Di Montezemolo and everyone else at Maranello has been bang the drum for changes to the rules to reduce the reliance on aerodynamics for several years now, while the current ban on in-season testing also doesn't sit well with the Italian squad.

Di Montezemolo, speaking at Ferrari's World Finals event at Mugello, warned that his team won't vacillate to pull out of the sport if modify are not made.Formula 1 is still our life, but without Ferrari there is no Formula 1, just as without Formula 1 Ferrari would be different,said di Montezemolo.

We can be very patient but there are precise conditions for us to continue with our work. We race not just for the publicity it brings us but above all to carry out higher investigate aimed at all aspects of our road cars: engine, chassis, mechanical components, electronics, materials and aerodynamics, to such an extent that the technology move from track to road has grown exponentially over the past twenty years.

We are building cars, not helicopters, rockets or planes. Sure, we must not go back to the excesses of a few years ago, but neither should we be in a position where we can't provide opportunity for the youngsters we are bringing on in the Ferrari Driver Academy.Di Montezemolo also renewed his push for Formula One's top teams to be allowable to run third cars.

Finally, there's the issue of the third car, which mark my words, we support not so much for our own advantage but more for those of the sport in general, he said.We believe the attention of the fans, media and sponsor could increase if there is a bigger number of forceful cars on track rather than cars that are two or three seconds off the pace, being lapped after just a few laps.

He added that changes are needed if the sport doesn't want to see one of the famous names vanish from the grid.We will hold up our views as we see fit, in the best way possible, but let's be clear, for those who agree, that is fine, but otherwise they will just have to accept it is our position,di Montezemolo said.

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