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Boxing News: Top five stories of 2011

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1. Oscar De La Hoya enters rehab, admits serious individual problems

While Hopkins was becoming the oldest champion in boxing history, his partner at Golden Boy Promotions and one-time in-ring rival Oscar De La Hoya enter a rehabilitation centre for drug and alcohol abuse. He spoke openly of his drug and alcohol abuse, admitted he harboured thoughts of suicide, and said he had been unfaithful to his wife, Latin pop singer Millie Corretjer. It was a stunning admission for a guy who had a squeaky spotless image and was the face of boxing.

2. Manny Pacquiao struggles to win over Juan Manuel Marquez

It shouldn’t have been a revelation that Manny Pacquiao had a hard time with Juan Manuel Marquez in their welterweight title fight on Nov. 12. They’d fought two tremendously close bouts before. But since that second bout, Pacquiao had improved noticeably and had become, in the opinion of many, the top fighter in the world. He was not, however, able to conclusively beat Marquez, charming a hotly disputed accepted decision. Many fans in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas that night agreed that Marquez won and began showering the ring with trash and shouting obscenities. Pacquiao, though, insist he’d clearly won.

3. Mayweather scores controversial hit of Victor Ortiz

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has long been one of the sport’s elite fighters, but his maximum talent may be to get people talking about him. He did that again on Sept. 17, when after taking a head butt from Victor Ortiz in their welterweight title fight, Mayweather clocked Ortiz with a 1-2 just as the bout resume, while the referee looked away. Many, including HBO journalist Larry Merchant, called it a cheap shot. Mayweather, though, said it was a part of the business and celebrated the win. “Money” added to his 2011 headlines in late December, when he was sentence to 90 days in a Nevada jail for misdemeanour battery household aggression and harassment.

4. One-time heavyweight champion Joe Frazier dies

In early November, the news broke that the legendary heavyweight winner Smokin’ Joe Frazier was hostility liver cancer. Only a few days later, on Nov. 7, the sad news broke that Frazier had died. He was a 1964 Olympic gold medallist best known for his victory over Muhammad Ali in their epic 1971 bout of unbeaten hardwearing champion. Among the other boxing notables who died in 2011 were Genaro Hernandez, Sir Henry Cooper, Billy Costello, Butch Lewis and Scott LeDoux.

5.Bernard Hopkins becomes oldest man to succeed a world title

A quarter century ago, the odds were great that Bernard Hopkins might not even be alive at 46, let alone setting boxing records. He was in a Pennsylvania prison on a strong arm robbery confidence and was clearly rolling down the wrong path. But Hopkins twisted his life around to become one of boxing’s greatest champions, defensive the middleweight title successfully 20 times. He set a record on May 21 in Montreal when, at 46, he defeated Jean Pascal for the WBC light heavyweight title to become the oldest man ever to win a world contest.

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