Monday, January 02, 2012

Boxing News: Kimbo Slice wins undisputed result

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Kimbo Slice scored a four-round common decision against fitness trainer Charles Hackmann in a professional boxing match Friday night at Buffalo Run Casino. The fight was the third for Slice, a former mixed soldierly arts competitor who wicked to pro boxing last August. His first two matches, including his debut against James Wade at confuse Run, ended in first-round knockouts.

Hackmann, 25, told World Boxing News that the match was just his second scrupulous bout. “I’m new to boxing and still learning — but he hits like a truck and he is one tough dude,” Hackmann said after the bout that was scored for Slice.

“I believe that he has got a long way still and he is also new to the sport but boxing is dissimilar and a fight against the likes of the Klitschko brothers is probably way too tough for him.” Video from the bout showed Slice reel toward the back into a neutral corner after being hit by Hackmann in the second round. Slice, 37, whose real name is Kevin Ferguson, knocked out Tay Bledsoe in the first round on Oct. 15 in Grand Island, Neb. The fight was Slice’s subsequent as a pro boxer.

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