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Know the Shot Put Techniques to increase your sport activities

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Shot put is an athletic field event. It is well familiar in the Olympics and about every nation contributes in the occasion. Nations take a lot of pleasure in the Olympics. Just like every other athletic events, shot put also involves 3 places for winners. Gold for First place, Silver for second place and Bronze for third place. There are rules keep up for the shot put as well. The shot should be made of iron or brass, it should weigh about 7.26 kgs for men and its width should range between 110 to 130 millimeters. The woman's shot on the other hand consider about 4 kgs and its diameter is about 95 to 110 millimeters.

Shot Put

Competitors can touch the inside of the circle's rim or stop board but cannot touch the top of the rim or stop board while attempting a throw. There is a throwing circle and the shot put should not touch the external area of the throwing circle. The athlete cannot leave the circle while the throw is in progress as well. There is a general misconstruction that shot put is a game involving strength and brute force. The method is more difficult than what it sounds and the athlete performing the art is usually more exactly capable.


1. Always warm up before you get involved in practice sessions or a real happening. Warming up allows you to avoid injuries and give your best show. Muscle pulls and strains and even muscle tears are the regular injuries that can take place when warming up is neglected.

2. As you begin your throw, keep in mind to stand towards the back of the circle with the shot maintain at the back of your neck. This allows you to balance the shot's weight as well as keep away from over stepping the line whereas you throw.

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