Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MSD: We have the firepower

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Chennai Super Kings skipper MSD said he had the faith that his team might win the IPL play-off match next to RCB.

It was a hard goal, but we have been in alike state of relationships, and we have the belief that we can win these games. We kept believing that we could do it, but you can say I was not 100% confident,MSD said after his side's dramatic six-wicket win in the last over.

We know as a team we have the firepower to chase anything. This was a good scenario where the set batsmen kept on going, and the others chipped around him. When you believe in the talent that you have, you can more often pass off, he said.

Rival skipper Daniel Vettori believed that Suresh Raina sweltering knock made the dissimilarity.You do get these guys. You say this is a great game of cricket. That innings from Suresh took it away. But we expect to bowl a little bit better than we did.


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