Monday, May 09, 2011

Turkey dais conclude enjoyment Fernando Alonso

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Fernando Alonso has admitted to finally enjoying his racing again after scoring Ferrari's first podium of the season. A blunder by Lewis Hamilton early in the first lap of the Turkish Grand Prix allowed Alonso to originally claim fourth.

Beyond that the double world winner enjoyed an ongoing duel with Red Bull's Mark Webber, one he won at first to move up to second, only to yield to the Australian eight laps from home. But in concluding just 10 second behind race winner Sebastian Vettel and in pushing Webber hard throughout, Alonso was more than happy after the harms of the first three races.This feels good, said Alonso.

Obviously we capitalized on the prospect. This was a good race from us, a good weekend overall.On Friday we had some issues, but Saturday and Sunday were perfect for the team, with the strategy, with all, so I'm very, very happy with the result.

The car definitely feels much better now. We were more spirited yesterday in qualifying and in the race than preceding races.Being in front of Button in qualify was a surprise for us, and then to finish half a minute in front of Hamilton today is another surprise.So the car is definitely doing amazing better than what it did in the first three races.But this is not enough. We can't be happy with fifth in qualify and third in the race.

With the next race Alonso's home one in Barcelona; obviously he is hoping to put on a show for his fans.We want to win races and first we need to be on the dais, as we were here, and now we need to keep moving forward,added Alonso.We need to keep going in the course we have here for Barcelona, this humanizing course that has started here.This must be the first step of our revival, with much more to come from us in Barcelona I'm sure.


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