Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jonathan Trott savor India challenge

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Jonathan Trott is enjoying the view of annoying to repeat the form he has shown for England against other Test nations. The Warwickshire batsman is averaging over 60 in Test cricket and is facing one of his most difficult examinations next to the side ranked number one in the world.

But Trott will not evade away from the challenge in a series which is an ideal measure to decide whether England can finally dislodge India as the most important country. He said:It's a great chance and will be a great advert for the game on the back of a good series against Sri Lanka.

As you go through your vocation, you are going to come crossways teams you haven't played before and it's how you adapt and adjust to them.There is maybe a bit of an advantage in that they haven't seen you or played against you.I've played next to some of them in county cricket so there are a few things there.

Trott is aiming to uphold his current high average although he is obstinate helping England emerge victorious is of great priority. He said:I don't worry about what I'm going to finish my career with. I try and am anxious about how many Test series wins I can add to and be a part of.That is our goal as a team and the most significant one as a person and everyone in the team feels that way.

When you get the chance to go out into the middle, it's your job to stand for the other nine guys in the altering room and all the coaching staff.It's a great chance to play and test yourself and at the end of it, see where you've ended up.But as regards the averages, I don't pay too much concentration to them. I don't know my standard now although I bet you can tell me my hit rate!

Trott consider he is capable of upping the tempo after his rate of scoring has come under microscope. He said:Five days is a long time. As in 50-over cricket as well, you can from time to time think 'I've got to get on with it a bit'.You've got to weigh up the alternative of put your foot down a bit more and send-off it up to someone else.


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