Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Gerard Pique: Sanchez influx fine for Lionel Messi

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Barcelona protector Gerard Pique believes the arrival of Alexis Sanchez will allow more breathing space for Lionel Messi. The Chilean winger completed his much Antipater move from Udinese this summer and much of the concentration is expected to fall winning him when the season starts.

And Pique reckons it would be good for Lionel, who is still recovering from the displeasure with Argentina in the Copa America.Sanchez could be useful to help open spaces on the playing field and he will help to give Lionel some mouthful of air space.

People always mark Lionel, and having such a great player like Sanchez will mean the opposition will have to mark him too. This will leave Lionel with more space.I think Alexis will bring abundance to Barcelona. We have Lionel and Pedro, but Alexis is characteristic. He is fast, is good one-on-one and he also helps to protect.Barcelona kick-off their defence of the La Liga away to Malaga on 21 August.


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