Monday, September 12, 2011

We were befuddled about the result

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MS Dhoni on Sunday said that some of the Indian players were bemused about the result after frequent rain interruptions forced the fourth ODI to end in a tie.Some of the guys were confused. Some thought we had won it. Most of us thought it was a passing shower and we would be able to get back on the field,said MSD after England clinch the five-match series by taking an unassailable 2-0 lead.
Once inside the dressing room, we saw the final sheet of paper. After looking at it, it was apparent it was a tie and none of the side had won the game,he added. Expressing his aggravation with the break, which may have again robbed his side of a win in the series, MSD said,This is not the first time. We were close to winning the first game also. But as I said, you can't control the weather.
There were as many as three interruptions, first when England were up and second when the Indians were ahead on the Duckworth-Lewis rule. When the third and final rain interference came, England was on par score and it was declared a tie.We just saw the ugly side of cricket. Whichever team has the upper hand, doesn't want to play. Whichever team is not on winning side, will stick approximately and even play football. That's what people do and that's what both sides did.
The intervening showers did cease after 10 minutes but the rules didn't authorize the game to be played under lights.If you have a day game, you need different guidelines and principles to follow. If you put it under lights, it doesn't look nice. MSD batting was quite refreshing as was the knock of Suresh Raina, who top-scored with 84 runs.
We got off to a good start. Openers did well. When I came in, we wanted to make sure we play a certain number of over.We didn't have a target in mind. We wanted to try and rotate the strike. Not to play shots which were risky and get closer to the 40-over mark? In the last 10 over, we were able to get 110 runs which really made dissimilarity,said MSD.
It has been good in the last two games. It's important not to look for 60 runs in five over. You look at 40 runs as a benchmark. If you have explosive power, the last three over can really make a difference. You can even get 50 runs. But its vital not to aim too high,MSD said.
There was a feeling that with so much on his plate, MSD was better off in giving the keeping responsibility to Parthiv Patel.I am not a very good fielder. I love fielding on the boundary. But you can't lead the side from there. So that alternative (of letting Patel keep) is not there right now.


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