Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Alex Ferguson: No issue with Liverpool

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Sir Alex Ferguson insist Manchester United have no axe to grind with Liverpool even though Saturday's Infield clash has become the centre of a racism probe. Patrice Evra was furious after the 1-1 draw, claim in an interview with Canal Plus that Luis Suarez had ethnically abused him on a number of occasion during the game.
Although the full-back feels TV replays will prove his claims, Suarez has denied them strongly, and has been backed by Liverpool. Evra is obstinate though and United have vowed to support their man, even though Ferguson accept it places them in a tricky situation.
It is not an easy one for us,said the united boss.It is not something we would want to level against Liverpool and it is not against Liverpool. Perceptibly Patrice feels very aggrieved at what was said to him.I have spoken to him and he is obstinate he wants to follow it on so it rests in the hands of the FA now.
Evra is expected to start Tuesday's Champions League come across with Romanian champions Otelul Galati in Bucharest. However, it seems just a matter of time before United register an official complaint with the FA that will have to be followed up by interviews with representatives of both clubs.
Everyone knows Manchester United and Liverpool have great errands in terms of things that happen on the field.Saturday was terrific. Both sets of fans were good. There was not any of that silly chanting we have had in previous years. Both sets of fans deserve praise for that.
Earlier this month UEFA warn Bulgaria they face a disciplinary hearing into racist taunts during their Euro 2012 qualifier with England in Sofia earlier in the season, even though that has been put back to November 17.I am not aware of any instance in terms of British football,admitted Ferguson.
We deliberate on our own game. What happens in other countries I am not really sure.It doesn't happen in England. There are very few examples of that.Since I have come down we have had some unbelievable players at Manchester United who have been black.


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