Monday, October 10, 2011

Jenson Button happy with tough win

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McLaren's Jenson Button was enchanted to come away with a success in his second home after an early scare.This was a hard race the last five or six laps were tremendously tough, I had to really look after the tyres and try to save a bit of fuel to get the car home, but it was an amazing win.
Sebastian Vettel came across at me on the start - he kept pending and didn't stop, so I got on the grass and had to back out of the throttle, otherwise there would've been an enormous shunt into Turn One.He said he didn't see me until he saw me backing out, so that lost me a place. But fighting back was so, so fulfilling: the presentation has been in the car all weekend.
It's such a touching victory for me: there's so much history at this circuit, and the crowd here has been amazing, this is second only to a home victory for me.I want to thank every single person here in Japan whose support us - hopefully we've planted a happy memory in their minds, because a lot of Japan has been through difficult times this year.
We did our best and we put on a unbelievable show. Seb has done a great job all season and he deserved the title. He was given the tackle and just got on and did what was required of him.But, for us, there's still more that we can accomplish this year: I'd love to go out and fight to win the next few races, and I think we have the car and the team to go and do that.
We'll keep approaching and hope to get some more wins this year, but we're also in a very good place right now - and I think that's key to success in 2012.


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