Thursday, November 24, 2011

Antonio Margarito gets boxing License accepted

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Dan Rafael information that Antonio Margarito has been conservative for his boxing License and will take on Miguel Cotto on December 3rd in New York’s Madison Square Garden. Margarito was initially denied a license after it was revealed his eye was not cleared by the oversight after surgery for a cataract.

The commission had reservations about licensing Margarito because of a serious eye injury he suffered in an irregular decision loss to Manny Pacquiao last November. Margarito suffered a badly broken orbital bone in his face and developed a cataract in his right eye.

“We went through a lot and Antonio saw every doctor he was asked to see and all of them gave us the same news — that everything was great and that there was no reason for him not to be approved,” Sergio Diaz, Margarito’s co-manager, said. “When we told Antonio he was licensed, he was screaming and he was happy. Now he is saying he has to take care of business come Dec. 3.

“Evidence has been introduced, counting an affidavit from the applicant himself, detailing the rehabilitation steps taken to ensure that all of the rules of the payment will be followed,” Torres said. “After due consideration of the evidence of rehabilitation the expenses finds the issuance of a license to the applicant not to be contrary to the best interests of boxing.”

“The tension in the room, you could cut it with a knife,” he said. “I’m drained because all Todd and I wanted, and what all of us required, was for this fight to come about in New York because it’s important for the sport. If we had to move the show, it wouldn’t have had the same collision. Just the fact that we got the license and it came down to the 11th and half hour, its unreal.”

Antonio has been fighting for this. There wasn’t anything any of us were trying to hide about his injury. We were open to any kind of exam.”Arum was glad the saga was over.

“I think you got to commend the commission that they were thoughtful and deliberative and that having Margarito fly in to be examined by a doctor designated by them, while an inconvenience, I think was something that was good to do because you can have doctors opining about this and that, but if they don’t examine the patient you can’t get a full feel,” Arum said.

“If he had passed at that time none of this would have occur. If not, we would have moved on to another state because we felt that having had him treat by Crandall, the leading (eye) doctor in the country, maybe the world, and having a retinal ability check him out, morally we were on the high ground. We believed his eye was as good as anyone’s based on Crandall’s conduct.”

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