Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jameel Ahmed looks to expand control as city carrom champion

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After more than sixty state titles, one would not expect Jameel Ahmed to be as nervous as a first timer at the Delhi State Carrom Championships at the Thyagaraj Stadium. “Competition can give you jitters at any moment. Pressure can make a decision that the winner is. A lot of people and competitor might be thoughts that I may win this time as well but it is a game like any other and can change hands,” the explains the 48-year-old, now in his 37th year of opposition.

On Monday, he cleared both his requirement rounds and is to play the pre-quarter Tuesday. Ahmed is hopeful for another title but remains cautious. He only grins and explains how his matches on the day were easy as compared to what lies ahead.

With his pile of titles Ahmed may be a fable among carrom aficionados in the state, he is aware that for the majority of peoples outside the hall at Thyagaraj Stadium the sport is seen as an outdated pastime. “No sport is boring. They just have varying levels of excitement.

An outsider may consider Carrom a boring game but it takes your toll when you know that you have only eight chances to clear the table and gather 25 points. Sometimes the adversary finishes the board with a single break and you just keep waiting for your chance. You are continually racking your brain philosophy of various experimentation and dissimilar scenarios and the best one works,”says Ahmed.

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