Monday, November 21, 2011

Johan Cryuff matter Ajax quit threat

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Ajax star Johan Cruyff has warned his exit from his role as a part of the club's decision-making board if his other directors carry on on the job. The unrest began lately, when Louis Van Gaal was proclaim as the club's new CEO last week without Cruyff's knowledge on the matter.

The 64-year-old is known to be on bad terms with Edgar Davids, Steven ten Have, Paul Romer and Marjan Olfers ever since he was chosen on the board, but Cruyff decided enough was enough.

Too many things have happened that I can't live with,said Cruyff.I do not want to continue with these people. It's now up to the club to make a decision what happens. They're leaving, I'm leaving or we're all leaving.

With Ajax get ready them for an important Champions League away come across against Olympique Lyonnais, the news could cause an important impact on the presentation of the team.


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