Friday, December 16, 2011

Athletics: 5 Indian athletes disqualified for doping

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Five Indian athletes were given two-year bans by the country's National Anti Doping Agency on Thursday after testing positive during household competitions this year.We have banned five athletes as we aim to origin out doping altogether from the system,NADA's director-general Rahul Bhatnagar told.

A panel headed by advocate Sudhir Nandrajog announced the verdict after looking into the cases individually.The five banned athletes are sprinter Hemant Kirulkar, hammer thrower Gaurav Bhardwaj, long detachment runner B. Madhusudhan, shot put thrower Budhisatva Banerjee and javelin thrower Megha Pardeshi.

Madhusudhan and Pardeshi both tested positive for the steroid stanozolol, Kirulkar for oxandrolone, Bhardwaj for nandrolone and Banerjee for the stimulant methylhexanamine.We've begun dope testing at school and college levels too and will start prohibition even junior athletes if they are found guilty,Bhatnagar said.

NADA has been playing a proactive role in curbing doping. At the recent Kabaddi World Cup, 53 drug offenders from different country were exposed. The rustic sport of kabaddi, which is accepted in South Asia, does not have a world body and is not WADA compliant, but organizers of the contest in Punjab asked NADA to test contributor and consequently barred the criminal from the competition.



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