Thursday, December 29, 2011

Azerbaijani chess players initiate off in Spain

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Among their rival are Ukrainian Ruslan Ponomarev, Alexander Moyseenko and Andrei Volokitin, French Etena Bakro, Maxim Valshe-Lagrav and Loran Fressin, German Arkadiy Naydich and Cuban Lenier Dominges, News.Az reports.

The festival’s main tournament will run in big success system. Each round will have two sets. In case of draw, two rapid sets will run. If winner still not defined, chess players will face so called ‘Armageddon’. All players behind till 1/8 will go to tournament ‘B’.

The festival to run until 5 January is expected to involve almost 100 players. Winner will of the tournament will be reward EUR20, 000 and motorbike worth EUR5, 000.
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