Monday, December 19, 2011

Boxing: Super Six tourney is unsuccessful to impress

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The Super Six World Boxing Classic has been hailed as an inventive contest that broke the mold of current boxing matchmaking, guaranteeing fight fans the big fights between the top contenders that supporter politics has denied them. But in the final it became clear that far from being a break from the boxing’s current flaws, the contest actually embodies them.

Firstly, there was the question of the setting. WBC champion Carl Froch has a strong fanbase in the United Kingdom, chiefly his hometown of Nottingham. WBA champion Andre Ward has a strong fanbase in California, particularly his hometown of Oakland.

In either location the fight would have been greeted as the biggest fight in the city’s history, guaranteeing both the home and away fighters an obsessive response from a partisan crowd. It would have come across to the fans at home as a huge deal, with the eventual winner imminent across as a celebrity on television.

Instead we were greeting to a fight conducted in front of a near-silent crowd of less than 6,000 in Atlantic City. It’s bad enough that after more than two years this contest has so spectacularly failed to pierce through the public consciousness and that the two finalists still can’t elicit a reaction outside of their hometown. But the failure of the organizers to regulate their plans accordingly only magnified the failure.

Secondly, there was the question of the judging. The fight was a viciously one-sided schooling by Ward against the always-game Brit. Froch, in his Super Six fights against Glen Johnson, Andre Dirrell and Jermaine Taylor, at times struggle against slick, American fighters who know how to control the distance and depiction his lax boxing guard.

Being faster and better technically than anyone he’s faced before, it was no surprise that Ward successfully broken these flaws in Froch’s game. More than that, Ward's upper-body strength he’s been accused of manhandling opponents in previous fights once again served him well, as he repeatedly bullied Froch on the inside. Ward outfought and outshines a winner that had only one previous loss on his record, putting in the best exterior of his career.

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