Saturday, December 03, 2011

Brooklyn power company contribute $25,000 to needy IS 318 chess team

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A countrywide renowned Brooklyn middle school chess club endangered by budget cuts has been rescued by a white knight in the form of a local power company. Officials for the Brooklyn Navy Yard Cogeneration Plant donate $25,000 to transitional School 318 in East Williamsburg to help fund the school’s chess program.

“It’s like a dream come true that someone respond to our cry for help,” said supporter principal and team coordinator John Galvin. After a rash of budget cuts and a lean economy, Galvin said the school had a daunting task of raising $60,000 to help their students trek across the country to compete for a national competition.

Faculty at the school and the chess champs have been working overtime to raise the money by selling candy bars, running bake sales and accomplishment out to private donors. Even though they’ve raised a good chunk of the money, Galvin still feared the deficit would be too much especially with the team’s big trip to San Diego, to challenge for another national title, looming in April.

“Either the price would have been too high or we would have been unable to take all the students who earned the right to go,” said Galvin. “That was a dilemma that we were tremendously fearful of.” Officials for the power company said they called Galvin yesterday after they read the story in Thursday’s Daily News.

“We thought, ‘Three weeks before Christmas, what perfect timing,’ ” said company. “It just seemed to us how we could not support this school.” Lane said the company frequently donates their time to the school and when they saw the school needed cash, the decision was a no-brainer.

“We rely on New York to be winning so that we can be successful and that starts with the kids in our own community,” said Lane. “It’s a way for us to give back to the community we work in every day.”

Galvin said even though the team is still $15,000 short, he can now focus on getting his kids in prime location to checkmate the competition. The team spent yesterday at Google’s offices in Chelsea wiping the floor with the search engines best and brightest on the chess board, cruise to an easy 45-9 win.

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