Monday, December 12, 2011

Chess: Exploratory drawn to online games

Posted by Admin On 11:12 AM

There is more than a bit of the avatar in most of us. If only we could jump out of our skins and, for a moment, be somebody else. Chess players are fortunate: The Internet readily offers them such a chance.

A random list of IDs plucked from a roster of Internet chess players includes Chico, Chrischat, Rubbercheck, Snow and Stixi. What if these unidentified online monikers concealed a single human who has chosen to assume five disparate chess identities: a no-holds-barred gambit player; a would-be genius on defense; an endgame specialist?

Each chess identity would include a different set of emotional, cognitive and honorable problems that is, vastly different experiences of self. In life, we are burdened sometimes tragically with our pasts. But in chess, particularly Internet chess, we begin each game with a clean slate.

We can endlessly testing, make false steps and even serious errors, and yet start anew without a menace or stigma from the past. Chess on the Internet is ideal for the self-educated, who love to research, take recurrent counsel from past missteps and eagerly set out on new adventures, persuaded that there is nothing to lose.

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