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Miguel Cotto's long-sought reprisal is sweet

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US boxing expert Kevin Iole says revenge was finally Miguel Cotto's, after he had stewed since his controversial 2008 loss to Antonio Margarito. Other than the strident sell-out crowd of 21,239 fans which roar for Miguel Cotto’s every move, little seemed different between Saturday’s bout with Antonio Margarito and their first match in 2008.

Cotto boxed beautifully in both bouts and peppered Margarito with a series of of hooks, jabs, crosses and uppercuts. And just as in their classic 2008 bout in Las Vegas, Margarito kept barreling forward the whole way.

But at the post-fight news conference Saturday following Cotto’s 10th-round technical knockout victory, the World Boxing Association super welterweight champion patted his cheek softly in an challenge to explain the difference.“I’m not going to say anything about the last fight and this one, but my face now is a lot dissimilar,” Cotto said in a none-too-subtle jab at his beaten rival.

Months after that superb 2008 bout that Margarito won by 11th-round stoppage, Cotto came to believe that Margarito had fought with a hardened insert in his hand wraps. That led Cotto to repeatedly call Margarito a criminal and ongoing the bitter feud between the two.

Cotto exacted his revenge on Saturday, using a series of left hands to target Margarito’s dubious right eye. After Margarito’s one-sided loss to Manny Pacquiao last year, Margarito needed multiple surgeries. He broke an orbital bone in the bout, had a lens entrenched and a cataract removed.

The New York commission waited until less than two weeks before the bout to grant Margarito a license because of concern about Margarito’s eye. Not only were there fears about the surgeries, but there were concerns whether he could see to sufficiently protect himself.

Cotto wasted little time attacking Margarito’s eye, firing hooks and a hard jab at it from the first round. Margarito’s eye began to swell badly by the third and, by the eighth, it was completely closed. Margarito and his corner, mainly co-manager Francisco Espinoza, pleaded with Dr. Anthony Curreri to let the fight go forward.

They won the battle after the eighth round, but lost it subsequent the ninth. The bell rang to start the 10th, but Margarito did not come out of his corner, as Espinoza argued with Curreri. Curreri lastly went over to speak with referee Steve Smoger, and Smoger eventually stopped it on Curreri’s advice.

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