Tuesday, December 06, 2011

UTA announces modify in athletic section leadership

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UTA athletics director Pete Carlon has proclaim that he is stepping down after 16 years to take on a senior leadership role with the university. Just before Thanksgiving break, Carlon said he and President James Spaniolo visited and determined that the time was right to bring in a new athletic director with fresh ideas.

The president described it best by saying it's a new era,Carlon said.I just look forward to helping out in any way I can.The search for a new healthy director is under way, although no candidate has been documented by the university. Spaniolo said he expects to have a new athletic director in place by the end of December, according to a statement from the univeristy.

Carlon will remain the athletic director until a successor is selected.Under his leadership, our student-athletes have enjoyed outstanding academic accomplishment, and our athletics program has been typified by faultless NCAA compliance,Spaniolo said in the statement.

Carlon is expected to act as a senior leader during the department's transition into the College Park Center, set to happen Feb. 1, and the university's move to the Western Athletic discussion, which becomes official July 1, 2012. During Carlon's time as the athletic director, UTA captured 51 Southland discussion Championships.

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