Thursday, December 08, 2011

Vietnam to send 3 players to participate in chess competition

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Vietnam will send three chess players to contribute in the Sport Accord World Mind Games 2011 to be held in Beijing (China) on December 7-16, report local Vietnam News on Tuesday.

International grandmaster Le Quang Liem will compete against 15 rivals in three categories - rapid, blitz and blindfold chess, while Asian champions Nguyen Thanh Bao and Ngo Lan Huong will move violently in the male and female category of the xianggqi held as part of the Sport Accord games.

Liem ended second at this year’s Dortmund Sparkassen Chess conference and won the Aeroflot Open in Moscow for the second time in a row in February. The mind games include chess, bridge, and go, draughts and xiangqi. Total prize cash will be one million U.S. dollars. The event attracts 32 contestants in every sport.


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