Friday, January 13, 2012

Athletic director position could be removed

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The overarching athletic director position for the Davenport Community School District has been eliminating once before. If the school board adopts one of the top recommendation from the district’s Resource Allocation group, the position could be gone again.

Longtime Davenport Schools administrator Brad Oates is in his third year as district-wide athletic director, but eliminating his position is third on an 11-item precedence list. According the committee, which release its planned list Tuesday, doing without the location would save $132,000.

“It came about because we were looking at every single position,” Davenport Schools superintendent Art Tate said. “Some people remembered, jeez, sometimes we’ve had and sometimes we haven’t.”

Indeed, the position dates back to the opening of Davenport West High School in 1960. Butch Stolfa first held the job, and he had several successors before the district de-emphasized the position’s athletic focus in the mid-’90s. Paul Johnson counted athletic director among several duties he had at that time.

The job returned to one of administrative significance with the hiring of Randy Schrader in 2001. He had the task of restoring the Davenport schools to athletic importance they enjoyed in decades past.

Oates oversees physical teaching and health curricula for the district and manages Brady Street Stadium. He also handles the athletic budget and implements rules and system. To him, the job is vital to the district, where he has worked in a variety of capacities for 28 years. “In my mind, we have a long way to go,” Oates said of the possibility of his position being cut. “It’s just a first step.”

In regard to handling Oates responsibilities, Tate said another district manager could absorb the duties. Alternately, one of the three high school building athletic directors could be given authority as “lead” athletic director. There are supplementary possible cuts to athletics for the public and the school board to believe before the 2012-13 budgets is sent to the state for approval by April.

Eliminating assistant golf coach position for boys and girls at each of the three high schools would save $20,000. Better coordinate transportation for different teams at the same school would save $50,276. Oates said he and the high school athletic directors have already coordinated and considerably reduced the number of buses used to travel to team rivalry.

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