Friday, January 27, 2012

Athletics: Rivals demonstrate Usain Bolt too much respect, says Olympic confident Kim Collins

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KIM Collins has told his Olympic 2012 sprint rivals to stop standing back and admiring London hot favorite Usain Bolt. The 35-year-old athlete from St Kitts and Nevis, who won bronze in the 100 metres in the World Championships in Daegu when Bolt false-started, is in Glasgow for the AVIVA International Match at the Kelvin Hall tomorrow.
Collins will captain a Commonwealth Select team in the match against Great Britain, the United States, Germany and Russia. It is his seventh visit to Scotland for the fixture. And the outspoken Collins feels there is far too much deference paid to Jamaican icon Bolt by those who line up against him on the starting blocks.
“You cannot be an athlete and be a fan,” Collins told the Scottish athletics website. “Too many athletes do not seem to understand that fact. To me it is approximately as if when they take to the track they expect Bolt to win. They do not go out there seriously thinking they are going to challenge him. They have somehow lost the idea of contest.”
“There are people who can beat him this year in London. You have to try. It is not enough just to ‘be there’. “Track and field is not a contact sport. Nobody can knock you off your stride. If you run your very best then nobody can physically stop you and it does not matter who you are up against. If you are thinking all the time about the resistance then you are beaten before you start.”
Collins has seven World Championship medals, both indoors and outdoors, to his name and is looking onward to appearing in front of a sell-out Glasgow crowd tomorrow. He said: “I love the AVIVA event and that is why I am back in Glasgow for the seventh time.
Kilbarchan’s Claire Gibson got her GB call-up when Jenny Meadows pull out of the 800 metres and tomorrow will be the end of 20 years of hard work, she said.“Clearly, perseverance is the key to my career,” joked the sports analyst on a visit to Sacred Heart Primary School in Glasgow with Collins and the AVIVA International Trophy.
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