Monday, January 09, 2012

Muhammad Ali to party 70th birthday in style

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Muhammad Ali is coming home to Louisville to have fun another milestone his 70th birthday. The iconic heavyweight boxing champion will bask in the concentration once again at a private birthday thump on the evening of Jan. 14 at the Muhammad Ali Center in downtown Louisville. Ali turns 70 on Jan. 17.

The party will double as a fundraiser for the center a cultural and education complex that also features a museum focusing on Ali’s long career as a boxer, social activist and humanitarian.“Louisville was the first to hold up Muhammad in his pursuit of gold,” Lonnie Ali, the boxer’s wife, said in a declaration Saturday evening.

“It is only fitting that Louisville and surrounding communities participate in this important festivity to mark his 70th birthday.”Ali Center spokeswoman Jeanie Kahnke said Saturday that Ali will be bounded by old friends and people who made dissimilarity in his life, including his longtime trainer Angelo Dundee.The Alis have a residence in Louisville but have lately been stay at their home in Arizona, she said. Ali is battle Parkinson’s disease.

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