Thursday, January 12, 2012

Peterson manager explode dishonorable Amir Khan

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Lamont Peterson's manager on Wednesday blasted Amir Khan and Golden Boy Promotions for their refusal to accept the British boxing star's defeat by the American last month.It would be an dryness to characterize Lamont as being dissatisfied in the immoral manner in which Khan is attempting to discredit his presentation in the ring and victory,Barry Hunter, Peterson's manager/trainer said in a declaration.

Khan lost both his World Boxing Association and International Boxing Federation light-welterweight titles after home-town fighter Peterson was award a controversial split-decision victory following their bout in Washington on December 10.

The 25-year-old Khan had questioned the performance of referee Joe Cooper and aired grievance over alleged inconsistencies with the judges' scorecards, finally rotating his attention to a mystery individual at ringside, later recognized as an IBF official who was there as a spectator.

Khan blames everyone and everything but his performance and lack of ability to make adjustment in the ring for his loss,Hunter said.He claims that the Ring presenter privately stated he won, then that the referee's discretionary actions should be overruled, then a mystery man in a black hat with no association to the Peterson Camp somehow affected the outcome of the bout, and also that the judges did not score the Bout correctly.

Each claim is boldly false, but because Golden Boy and Khan have the financial capital to file protests and lawyers to create doubtful accusations we are forced to address these issues. Hunter charged that Golden Boy has gone on a media blitz as some form of revenge against Peterson after the American's camp refuse their offer of a rematch just days after the fight.

Real Champions don't persist to come up with various excuses and false accusation in hopes that something will stick to cover up for a loss,Hunter said.  Khan has formally appealed the decision, with his camp hopeful for the bout to be affirmed a no opposition so that he would retain his titles.

On Saturday, Golden Boy Promotions managerial Richard Schaefer told Sky Sports News that the WBA have obtainable Khan a rematch with Peterson and urged the IBF to follow suit.  If that report is true, Hunter said, and then WBA officials haven't followed their own actions for review the fight.

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